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Advertising in the Metaverse: “The most creative way wins”

Advertising in the Metaverse

The “Wild West” rules in the Metaverse, but with ingenuity and 3D expertise, brands can attract a lot of attention there, explains Metaverse specialist Dominik Griese in an interview.

Advertising is a popular tool from the offline world to draw attention to yourself. But what can advertising look like in the metaverse and what does it actually take to become visible there? The Metaverse expert Dominik Griese answers the most important questions.

Mr. Griese, what kind of advertising is possible in the Metaverse?

In particular, “dusty” advertising methods are being used more and more here: huge billboards on virtual skyscrapers, catchy radio spots in brightly colored techno shops, avatars with virtual signs, which they not only embarrassingly throw around, but also enable any other avatar to travel to the desired location with one click be able. The most creative and strangest way wins.

What is the best way to advertise?

We’re not talking about a game that you can play through, but about a virtual alternative to our real life, in which we can take place just like here in our usual haptic environment. In any case, it is worthwhile to simply take place first. And that is only possible with a virtual identity linked to a wallet such as MetaMask. Creating an identity here takes a maximum of five minutes.

Can campaigns already be booked through media agencies?

Media agencies just scratch the surface in 90 percent of the cases and try it out themselves. In the Metaverse, the “Wild West” reigns supreme. The agencies who call themselves Metaverse architecture offices or Metaverse newspaper agencies, for example, have understood this and then concentrate on this core business. I’m sure that in a short time there will also be Metaverse agencies that book the aforementioned service providers for a campaign.

Do you have to design your own rooms?

If you buy virtual land and want to construct a virtual building yourself – i.e. without a Metaverse construction company – you also have to design the rooms yourself.

Are there billboards or banners for advertising?

It is up to the landowners of the respective Metaverse whether they allow billboards on their building. Some metaverses forbid billboards, but in metaverses like Decentraland or in GTA RP they are welcome and used a lot.

Which file format does advertising need in order to be able to show it there?

Again, there is no right or wrong. Users must ask the respective provider about this. The spectrum ranges from conventional JPGs to complex, experience-intensive 3D designs.

How can advertising in the Metaverse look like?

Anything is possible: brightly colored, as a flyer, as a hologram, as an advertising panel, as a volcano erupting, as a piece of clothing, as a playful experience. The most creative way wins.

Are the avatars also the campaign models?

If you see your avatar as a model, you can take this path in the Metaverse. If you see your avatar as a plumber, artist, singer, dancer or ambassador, you can of course also take this path. Our avatars should be viewed more as a substitute for the mouse cursor. A mouse cursor in a three-dimensional environment is difficult to use. However, with a character of the kind we know from video games, we are already used to controlling them through three-dimensional environments.

What skills do you need?

To take place: none at all! What skills do you need for Instagram or Google? However, if you want to build houses, design fashion or host events, you probably need a similar skill set as the real world counterpart. 3D expertise is always an advantage as well. Previous knowledge from the gaming sector – i.e. as a developer – is probably the biggest advantage.

Where are the differences to the advertising that we know from Instagram or from television?

Advertising, no matter where it takes place, can only be experienced in very few cases. One hopes for an affect purchase and imagines that strategic algorithms will create a true customer experience in the form of a process. The reality often looks different. Metaverse advertising is more patient. With the help of gifts, potential visitors are lured to the desired location and moved through an immersive, experience-oriented world, which is often intended to playfully bind visitors to the brand or let them experience the history of the brand themselves.

A virtual house with land costs a five-digit sum.

Where does the advertising move in terms of price compared to conventional advertising media?

You can start using the Web 3.0 for marketing from as little as $150 to $300. However, the low price means that you have to put a lot of time and energy into it yourself. The budget can then be increased as desired. Specific example: Metaverse-compatible NFTs start selling at $120 on popular marketplaces. Having them on display in a building in the Metaverse, and thus more effectively raising awareness of them, will then cost the rental price of the store where I want to display my NFTs – which is $300 to $2,000. If I don’t want to accept the rents, I buy my own land – which costs between 4,000 and 500,000 dollars. If I build a pompous building there with playful applications, such as a casino or a collecting game, then we quickly reach six-digit to millions.

Are there guidelines for advertising, for example with regard to age ratings?

The responsible DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) provides information on this, which differs from metaverse to metaverse. The DAO decides who can advertise and what policies must be followed. These can be reached quickly on the homepages of the respective metaverses.

Which brands are already advertising in the Metaverse?

Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana, Forever 21, Lamborghini, Qatar Airways, McDonald’s, Nike, Gucci, Balenciaga, Slipknot, Samsung, Absolut Vodka, Coca-Cola – the list is endless.

Which advertisement impressed you the most recently?

Absolut Vodka was my last major event. The manufacturer built a virtual flight tunnel inside a giant Absolut bottle that took people to different floors. On each floor, people could get to know the brand in a playful way. Anyone who completed all of the Absolut Vodka tasks could take part in several competitions and win tickets for the Coachella Festival, among other things. Unfortunately, I only received three virtual items of clothing, but I was able to sell one for good money. So basically I was making money myself promoting Absolut Vodka. Unfortunately, I haven’t drunk alcohol for two years now, which is why the brand’s products are really more than irrelevant to me. However, I liked the other two pieces of clothing so much

What else is possible in the Metaverse?

You can do police training, and it only lasts a year in the Metaverse. Alternatively, you can pay a visit to the church and watch an official service there. Anyone who finds their virtual partner can get married there and then move into the common virtual house – these usually cost at least a five-digit sum including the land.

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