Guide Metaverse News

What is metaverse and how can you take advantage of it?

Can you imagine being able to dance in a virtual concert? Have a drink with friends who live on the other side of the world? And fight monsters? What about visiting monuments from the Middle Ages? No, I haven’t gone crazy and I’m not talking about science fiction or a Sims game. I’m talking about […]

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Blockchain Guide News

What is blockchain? Discover the revolution posed by the blockchain

Today we are more than accustomed to centralized models; we give all our data to companies like Google or Facebook and send our messages through servers like WhatsApp or Telegram. In fact, the most normal thing in the world is that if you want to send a certain amount of money to your friend Laura […]

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Cryptocurrencies Guide News

Guide to start investing in cryptocurrencies

If a decade ago we had barely heard of cryptocurrencies, today Bitcoin (perhaps the best-known cryptocurrency) already exceeds the GDP of countries like Switzerland. Worthy of Black Mirror or not? What is clear is that digitalization has been a revolution for the financial and investment world. Cryptocurrencies are already an essential asset in many investment portfolios and now […]

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