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Google Cloud moves to Web3, introduces Ethereum and Solana integrations

Google Cloud is partnering up with major blockchain networks in its effort to embrace Web3. The company has collaborated with Ethereum and Solana lately and has integrated support for the blockchain networks in its new node-hosting service.

According to Google, the company has invested a lot of time and effort into developing Web3. According to Nalin Mittal, a Google executive who is currently managing the company’s Web3 advances, the company now has a dedicated team that is working on the future of the web. The company has also increased its investments by a huge margin in this field.

More details into Google’s latest Web3 push

Google’s progress in Web3 (Image via Solana/YouTube)

The Blockchain Node Engine was introduced last month to help developers build and deploy blockchain-based applications and platforms. Ethereum is the first blockchain that added support to Google Cloud’s engine. After ETH, Solana announced that it will also add its blockchain to the engine. Solana’s announcement sparked a rapid rise in the network’s primary token’s value by almost 20%. However, the coin is now back to its original value.

Web3 companies who require dedicated nodes can relay transactions, deploy smart contracts, and read or write blockchain data with the reliability, performance, and security they expect from Google Cloud computing and network infrastructure.

Amit Zavery and James Tromans from Google Cloud

However, it is worth noting that this collaboration with Ethereum and Solana is not the company’s first attempt at expanding in the blockchain and Web3 space. Way back in 2020, the company introduced a special kind of server node for transaction processing called Hedera Hashgraph.

This is like a natural evolution for us because we saw a lot of our financial services crypto-native gaming customers do more and more blockchain-related workloads on [Google Cloud] and it was clear that a dedicated product suite for Web3 would serve them better.

We recognize how active and passionate [the Solana] community is, and we want to make it a top priority for Google Cloud.

Nalin Mittal, Web3 lead at Google

Google’s Web3 push will likely compete with Amazon’s Managed Blockchain. The Seattle-based online retail company has operated the same service using the Ethereum blockchain since 2021.

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