New Survey Lands India and USA in the Same Position in Terms of Crypto Ownership; More Indian Women Own Crypto as Compared to Men


A recent survey revealed a rather interesting statistic. India and the USA were placed in the same position in terms of cryptocurrency ownership. This survey, however, took a lot more than just the value of cryptocurrency owned by the average Indian or American. The official report states cryptocurrency awareness and how much people knew about crypto exchanges, attitudes toward digital currency, and how much people were enthusiastic about owning and dealing with crypto were also taken into consideration.

The survey was conducted on almost 30,000 adults from several countries worldwide. These countries include Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, India, the USA, the UK, France, Germany, etc.

It showed that in terms of crypto ownership, Brazil and Indonesia topped the charts with a 41% acceptance rate. The USA and India landed in a tie at the tenth position, with a score of 20% each. More women own crypto in India (53%) as compared to men.

The report also adds several other metrics like venture capital investment in blockchain and crypto firms, the market value of cryptocurrencies, etc. The venture capital investment has exceeded 30 billion USD, of which almost US$ 10.5 billion was invested just in quarter 4, 2021. Quarter 4 of 2021 also saw bitcoin blowing up to over $65,000, which made the asset class “cryptocurrencies” the best performing in the last decade.

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