Receiving bitcoins is easier than sending bitcoins.

receiving bitcoins is easier than sending bitcoins.

Experts say, receiving bitcoins is easier than sending bitcoins. The only thing you’re required to
do is to give your wallet address to the person who is sending you bitcoins. Once the address is
given, anyone can receive bitcoins in their wallets.
If you have to receive Bitcoins, you would need to follow these steps, just like you did when you
had to send bitcoins: 
● Login to your wallet
● Select receive option
● Copy wallet address
● Forward the wallet address to the person who is sending you the bitcoin. 
Now, when all of these steps are done you’d be required to wait until bitcoins are deposited into
your wallet.
It is possible that you will be supplied with a transaction ID by the sender, as soon as they send
the Bitcoins, as proof. Receiving bitcoins on the bitcoin wallet is easy and quick.
And if you want to receive Bitcoins and don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet, on these sites or
wallet apps, you can easily create a crypto wallet: 
● CoinBase
● Electrum
● Robinhood 
● Gemini
These wallet apps make it easy for users to receive bitcoins. What about the transaction fee? 
It doesn’t happen just like that, right? While you’re receiving bitcoins on the blockchain network,
your transactions need to be verified. 
And this service is charged a fee based upon the network that you’re using. The amount of the
transaction fee would depend upon the busyness of the network. Also, another thing you should
take proper note of is that larger transactions require more power for processing to get verified,
so they might cost higher than the small transactions to get verified. Anticipated costs are
disclosed before the final transactions. Some apps charge a fee for you to allow receiving
bitcoins on the wallet.
Fair enough?  Along with this, you should also look out for protecting your wallet.
Here are 5 tips to protect your wallet: 
● Use two-factor authentication
● Continuous password change and unique password use
● Use a cold storage wallet
● Don’t disclose your private keys
● Choose your providers and internet connection carefully
These steps can help protect the wallet and ensure safety and security on the blockchain
network. Receiving bitcoins in the bitcoin wallet is quite easier, provided you follow all the steps.
It helps you to remain untraceable on the network.

You can also rest assured that you can convert your bitcoins into cash by selling them on the
network. And once your bitcoin is sold, you can transfer that out of your wallet and deposit cash
into your account
Cryptocurrency prices continue to rise, making Bitcoins increasingly prevalent. Receiving
Bitcoins in the bitcoin wallet is safe and verified, not only that, it is instant and helps users to
remain anonymous and hence untraceable, saving users from the probability of getting hacked.
Bitcoins are received using these wallets or sites. It is easier and quicker to receive bitcoins via
these wallets. And if ever, you want to invest in bitcoins, you must be sure of and have accurate
knowledge of how to send and receive Bitcoins.

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