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Solana Labs’s Android-based smartphone will be powered by Helium Mobile

Helium Mobile is a crypto-powered wireless carrier that fuses the advantages of a decentralized network with the national carrier, T-Mobile’s 5G technology to create a global network for devices built around utilizing all features of the blockchain technology.

Solana’s upcoming Android smartphone will be powered by Helium, according to a recent report. The hybrid wireless connectivity platform has also moved to the Solana blockchain lately.

After Helium’s move to Solana, the two crypto companies announced a partnership at the Breakpoint conference hosted in Lisbon this Saturday. Both the Helium Mobile network and the Solana Saga smartphone will be launched in early 2023. The community is still awaiting a final launch date.

Anatoly Yakovenko showcasing the Android-powered Solana Saga smartphone (Image credit: Solana Labs)

Nova Labs is the company behind the Helium hybrid network. The Nova labs GM, Boris Renski, was present at today’s conference. Commenting on the partnership between the hybrid network and Solana as a “natural fit.”

Not only will this partnership ultimately drive usage to the Helium Network, but Saga customers who sign up for Helium Mobile will be able to have a seamless and integrated user experience and could earn crypto rewards for using their cell service.

Boris Renski, GM of wireless at Nova Labs

For those sitting under the rock, Selena Labs is coming with an Android-based smartphone, the Saga. The device will pack high-end hardware and will be launched for a hefty price tag of $1,000. Amongst the top features of the phone supports the advanced Web 3 apps and native support for crypto payments. The smartphone can also be used as an NFT wallet. The Saga is now up for pre-orders.

The Helium network earlier this year, in September. It is the world’s first hybrid connectivity technology that derives wireless connectivity from its partnership with the national carrier, T-Mobile. The connectivity technology will allow users to run their own 5G nodes in exchange for crypto tokens, an innovation to spread the reach of a technology limited by its millimeter wave propagation nature.

A Helium subscription will cost users as low as $5 per month. With the Saga smartphone, users can get one month of free Helium Mobile usability.

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