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Tennessee Titans Might Become the Next NFL Team to Accept Bitcoin for Payment

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NFL team Tennesse Titans have announced plans to accept bitcoin as a payment method. This increases crypto’s overall reach by a huge margin and pushes digital currency into yet another niche. Although this isn’t the first time crypto has infiltrated its way into sports, being accepted by a well-reputed team signifies a huge leap forward in the NFL’s embracement of crypto.

Before this, we have seen crypto giants like Binance sponsor Argentina’s national football team. Also, much like Tennssse Titans’ move with Bitcoin, the Dallas Mavericks enabled fans to purchase match tickets with crypto last year. The first-ever instance of a sports team accepting Bitcoin was seen in 2014, when Sacramento Kings, the NBA team, allowed fans to buy stuff using digital assets.

Initially, the team is planning to accept Bitcoin in large and recurring transactions like season tickets, personal seat licenses, suits, and sponsorship payments. Later down the line, the team will allow fans to buy official merch, at-game food, beverages, and even single tickets through BTC.

Tennessee Titans are already in talks with UTXO Management and Bitcoin Magazine to make this a reality as early as possible. 

However, the team’s decision is not completely out of the blue. A lot of NFL stars have stated their interests in crypto in the past. Some players have also taken their salaries in crypto. These players include Trevor Lawrence, Tom Brady, Aaron Jones and Rogers among others. With such advancements in crypto’s relationships with American sports, more players will soon start taking crypto salaries. Tennesse Titans’ decision is another step forward in this direction.

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