The #Doge Foundation is considering legal action against Matt Wallace for trademark abuse.


Recently, Watcher Guru tweeted that #Doge foundation is considering taking legal action against Matt Wallace. The reason is that they think that he is using the trademark #Doge for personal popularity.

Matt Wallace is a famous Youtuber of Final Stand channel. He talks about cryptocurrencies and finance through his channel. His channel appears as the largest Dogecoin community on the Internet.

Dogecoin Foundation further clarified that Matt Wallace is unauthorised to talk about Dogecoin.

People supported Matt Wallace in the act and asked the #Doge foundation to go easy on Matt Wallace. He himself also replied to the tweet that this was going to be a game changer. In the video it is shown that every time a person buys a good an amount of that money goes transacts to their crypto-wallet. He said that this is going to attract investors to Dogecoin.

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