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Video NFTs, Live Shopping & Co.: YouTube’s Plans For 2022

Video NFTs, Live Shopping & Co.: YouTube's Plans For 2022

Video NFTs, live shopping and metaverse: In an official blog post, the streaming platform YouTube presents its current plans for 2022. We explain the background.

On February 10, 2022, YouTube’s head of product Neal Mohan published a detailed post on the streaming platform’s official blog. Under the heading “Community, Collaboration, and Commerce” he presents YouTube’s plans and some new features for the year 2022.

Three main concerns stand out when reading the post. YouTube wants to create more opportunities for content creators to make money. In addition, they should be able to interact more closely with their audience and with each other in the future.

In addition, Mohan describes that the streaming platform would like to deal intensively with the topic of metaverse and enter the NFT business.

YouTube 2022: These are the plans of the streaming platform

The Path to the Metaverse

Last in YouTube ‘s blog post , but currently one of the streaming platform’s most interesting projects: the first step into the Metaverse. However, product manager Neal Mohan is still reluctant to give details.

First of all, he only reveals that users can expect the first effects in the gaming sector. YouTube is working on incorporating more interactions into games. According to Mohan, games should feel more real in the future.

“It’s early days, but we’re excited to see how we can turn virtual worlds into reality for viewers,” said Mohan.

Video NFTs are intended to strengthen interaction

In order to strengthen the relationship between content producers and their audience, YouTube wants to rely on new technologies such as blockchain and NFTs in the future.

“Having unique videos, photos, artwork, and even experiences from their favorite creators could be a special incentive for creators and their audience,” explains Neal Mohan in the YouTube blog post .

There’s a lot to consider to ensure you’re approaching these new technologies responsibly, Mohan said. However, the streaming platform sees great potential at the same time and is referring to Web 3.0.

Live streaming should become more interactive

According to product manager Neal Mohan’s blog post , the company also focuses on “collaborative live streaming”.

In YouTube’s vision, content creators will be able to go live with each other in the future and thus create interactive streams for their audience.

In addition, features such as “Super Chat” and channel memberships are to be expanded further this year. The streaming platform wants to expand the offer with a new membership option, for example.

In the future, consumers should therefore be able to give other users a membership in a live stream.

Live shopping directly in the video

One of the most anticipated features YouTube will offer this year is live shopping, according to product chief Neal Mohan.

“We’re thinking about shopping videos, live shopping, and more generally how shopping is displayed in the app,” says Mohan.

“Shoppable Videos” is the idea. YouTubes video producers should be able to tag products in the future. Users can then buy them directly when streaming the videos.

Shorts as a new source of money

YouTube producers should also be able to interact more with viewers in the “Shorts” section this year. To this end, the streaming platform is introducing new video effects and editing tools for its course video function.

YouTube also joins other social media platforms and introduces the ability to respond to individual comments via shorts.

In addition, from 2022 there should be more opportunities to earn money within the short video. Creators should soon be able to create branded content. In addition, there should also be so-called “super chats” for shorts.

In addition, the idea of ​​”live shopping” also includes short videos. YouTube users should therefore also be able to buy linked products there in the future.

YouTube’s plans for 2022: New tools and more interaction

A new feature will soon give creators the opportunity to get more insight into what content is popular with viewers in the YouTube Studio.

For this purpose, the company wants to make its own data and that of the parent company Google available. This is intended to help producers to better understand their viewers and to develop appropriate ideas for future video productions.

When is what?

YouTube’s product manager Neal Mohan has not yet revealed in his post which innovations will come . However, when it comes to new monetization opportunities such as video NFTs, users of the streaming platform should not have to wait much longer.

As early as the end of January, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki described the “unimaginable possibilities” of the new Web 3.0 technologies in her own blog post . “We’re always focused on growing the YouTube ecosystem to help creators take advantage of emerging technologies, including things like NFTs,” Wojcicki wrote at the time.

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